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Image of a blackboard with a child's rocketship drawing that depicts Webio being on the list of Top Startups to Watch in 2020

Webio is on the List of Top Startups to Watch in 2020

Webio is one of the Top Irish startups to follow in 2020

Dublin boasts a thriving VC scene and tech giants like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, AirBnb, Eventbrite, Twitter, Dropbox, and Amazon in Dublin and work alongside some really exciting startups.  Dublin is already home to over 2500 startups,  with the city being ranked in the top 10 of the European Digital City Index.

So startups are thriving here in Dublin and Webio is delighted to be at the heart of the action and to be recognized by not one, not two, but three publications as one to watch in 2020 -, EUStartUps and Sifted, a Financial Times publication.

The Webio team is delighted that the company and our conversational middleware platform has been recognised. Improving customer engagement and customer conversation outcomes by removing friction through automation and the blending of AI chatbot and agent interactions, Machine Learning and NLP is growing in popularity.  Businesses from all industries are realising the benefits that mobile messaging technology can deliver not only to their customers , but ultimately to the business.

Having recently been awarded the ISO27001 Information Security certification, an accreditation that only a few in our field have attained, the Webio team will be improving the Webio platform so we can continue to deliver positive customer engagement results by deploying messaging strategies that meet our clients' needs.

Webio is part of the Dublin Conversational Technology cluster with companies Voysis, Sweepr and Soapbox labs which are leveraging innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver conversational interaction.

So stay tuned to see what we deliver in 2020.



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