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Webio Brings New Conversational Self-Service Portal to the Credit Industry

Webio, a leader in Conversational AI and digital engagement in the credit, collections, and payments industry, has launched its Self-Service Studio, the first debt collection self-service offering powered by AI-driven conversational messaging.

The Self-Service Studio leverages Webio’s digital debt collection expertise to take traditional customer self-service portals to a new level by integrating Webio’s conversational AI platform into the self-service experience, providing a conversational guide to assist customers along their entire debt management journey. 

Webio’s Self Service Studio has the unique ability to identify customers who have stalled or not completed their payment journey. With the Conversational AI chatbots on-hand, customers are not left confused if they have queries, nor are they abandoned if they drop off the payment path, as the AI bot will help them get back on track.   

Credit and Collections teams can send customers to the Studio through automatically generated unique URLs where they can manage their payment activities without agent intervention. This can happen from within a messaging conversation with an individual or with a batch messaging campaign.   

Customers have the convenience of managing their accounts and payments in one space and at a time that suits them, and since the Studio is styled with each business’s branding, they feel safe that they are dealing with a reputable company they can trust. This is especially pertinent when it comes to vulnerable customers who can have the comfort of engaging with a business via the portal or over messaging without having to talk to a live agent.   

Not only does the conversational Self-Service Studio enhance customer experience, but it is also a win for the company as more payments are made, quicker and with fewer sticking points. Additionally, businesses can use their existing payment gateways and users make payments from within the Studio without having to jump out onto a third-party payment site.

Delia Jines Delia Jones, Chief Operating Officer at Webio said:

“The Self-Service Studio is the latest in our digital debt collection offering. Developing this functionality in-house would be a costly exercise for an organisation, and the technical resources required are scarce, but this self-service portal is ready to go. We are making it easier for businesses of all sizes to wow their customers with a fully branded microsite that is plugged into the Webio platform, bringing all the elements of customer conversations, automation, AI and digital channels into play.

Adding Webio’s conversational messaging will reassure your customers and act as an automatic ‘safety net’ that catches, engages and brings customers who have abandoned their journey back onto their path, whether that is dropping them back into the Studio or completing the action over messaging conversations, which results in an uplift of completions.”

Companies that adopt the Self-Service Studio gain another channel through which they can digitally and conversationally engage with their customers alongside their existing messaging channels.



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About Webio 

Webio is a specialist in credit, collections, and payment conversational messaging and has built its own propriety conversational technology specifically for the credit and collections industry. The Webio platform empowers customer engagement with Conversational AI, using automated chatbots, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to deliver customer conversations in any digital messaging channel, personalised and at scale.  

Acting as the 'central intelligence hub', Webio orchestrates all the elements needed to have successful customer journeys, enabling the credit industry to positively and empathetically engage indebted and vulnerable customers.  

Founded in 2016, Webio’s platform enables the credit industry to engage with their in-debt and vulnerable customers positively and empathetically. Webio is on a mission to rebalance the Credit, Collections and Payment ecosystem by reimagining the way lenders engage and converse with customers.  

Webio is a multiple award-winning company and is the founder of one of Europe’s leading conversational interface conferences – ConverCon.

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