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Rogue Agents and Inappropriate Customer Conversations Now a Thing of the Past with Webio

Inappropriate Agent-Customer Conversations a Thing of the Past with Webio’s New Platform Addition

Eliminating inappropriate language and guaranteeing professional customer conversations is now a reality with Webio's latest skills addition to its Conversational Interface platform.

Webio 'The Conversational Interface for Enterprise'™ company -- has just announced the launch of the latest skill to its intelligent conversational interface platform -  the 'Profanity Filter'. When you add this skill to your Webio Messenger platform it allows contact centre managers to have full visibility and traceability of agents inappropriate use of language during the course of a customer conversation and to stop it before anyone even knows there has been a breach in compliance.

Being aware of the nature of the interactions between agents and customers during a conversation and understanding how well agents are adhering to compliance guidelines is crucial to providing good customer experiences and protecting the brand. Having an insight into the content of messages that agents are sending after they have been sent, but not having the ability to intervene or take action during the conversations is a weakness that most contact centre managers face.  

With Webio's 'Profanity Filter', this issue can be eradicated. There is no need to stress anymore about rogue agents using inappropriate language and sending inappropriate customer messages. Designed specifically for use in contact centres, Webio's 'Profanity Filter' enables managers to track conversations across all agents and be alerted to inappropriate messages that are being sent. This means that where agents/customer conversations contain inappropriate and offensive language these conversations can be intercepted and addressed by specialists within the organisation, thereby protecting the brand.

"The beauty of the conversational skill for profanity monitoring is that frustrated agents no longer have the ability to send disrespectful customer messages. Messages containing profanities are flagged and removed from a live send queue and sent to the relevant manager who is immediately alerted, "says Graham Brierton, Webio CTO. "This real-time functionality allows action to be taken and the customer conversation to be handed over to the appropriate agent or supervisor to complete."

This functionality is one of a number of skills which Webio are planning to bring to A.I. driven Conversational Messaging to the Enterprise.

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