Why Self-Service: 11 Stats from Customer Surveys

We have gathered together some statistics that reflect the attitudes and expectations of customers about using self-service portals. It makes for interesting reading. 


self-service 67 of customers prefer to use self-service than to speak to a live agent. (Zendesk)

self service 88 of customers expect organisations to have an online self-service portal. (Statista) 

self service 77 of customers say they have used a self-service portal for support. (Microsoft) 

self service 90 of customers say that an immediate response is a priority for customer service. (HubSpot) 

self service 60  of US customers prefer using an online self-service option for simple tasks. (American Express) 

self service 53  of customers drop-off an online purchase if they can't find an answers fast enough. (Forrester) 

self service 66 of customers try self-service first rather than going immediately to an agent. (Statista) 

self service 60  of customers have used a website’s Help or FAQs resources in the last 12 months. (Forrester) 

self service 47 of customers first search online for answers to customer service questions. (Software Advice) 

self service 10c Average cost/contact for web self-service is $0.10 compared to an agent's $12. (Superoffice) 

self service 70 reductions in calls, chat and email queries after organisations use digital assistants. (Gartner) 



For more on self-service, read: 


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