What is Webchat?

Webchat is a user-friendly online app or widget that enables real-time two-way communication through a chat window which pops up on the page.

Users type messages into a text field and can also attach images and other files. With its simplicity and accessibility, it has become a popular online chat platform.  

Webchat for customer service 

In customer service, Webchat is used as an embedded chatbot on websites to engage with customers in real-time text conversations. 

Using automated Webchat provides customers with a personalised and layered experience through conversational AI technology. This technology enables human-like interactions between the customer and the chatbot, making it an engaging and natural experience. If the chatbot can’t handle a certain query, a live agent can step in to help out. (Learn all about DebtChat by Webio)


Customers love how easy it is to contact businesses

Webchat is also a powerful inbound channel as it’s so easy and quick for customers to hop online and send a text message through the live chat. It forms part of multichannel engagement strategies, where customers can communicate with brands through the channels they prefer.  

Is Live Chat the same as Webchat ? 

Typically, Live Chat refers to an online digital chat between people, whereas webchat is between a chatbot and a person. However, the lines between the two are not so clear-cut, and the terms are often used interchangeably, especially with the introduction of conversational AI chatbots and a blended approach where agents work alongside chatbots. (See: What is the Difference Between Live Chat and Webchat? )


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