What is Named Entity Recognition?

Named Entity Recognition (NER) falls under Natural Language Processing (NLP) where you pick out entities from within a piece of text and classify them into the categories you need.  

NLP uses AI technology to understand what a person is trying to say (their intent), and with NER, you can pick out the relevant parts of the message regardless of the format or the order in which they were delivered. 

Examples of named entities include: dates, dates-of-birth, post codes, locations, amounts, account numbers, etc. 

NER in conversational AI messaging 

NER is particularly helpful when used with conversational AI in the customer service space. Information can be extracted without having to ask for each item in a separate question. 

Customers prefer informal conversational messaging to requiring exact phrases and strictly formatted replies and conversational AI allows you to ask open-ended questions to gather information. 

Named Entity Recognition is one of the three basic layers of AI automation used to drive conversational AI chatbots. 

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