What is DebtChat?

DebtChat is a specialised AI webchat solution designed specifically for the credit and collections industry. 

Powered by conversational AI, DebtChat enables effortless communication between businesses and their customers, with a focus on a smooth service, collections and payments experience.

Unlike more general online webchat apps (see What is Webchat?), DebtChat has been taught the language of credit, collections and payments with a custom language model, which makes it uniquely skillful at handling debt management conversations as well as dealing empathetically with customers in financial difficulties. 

More About Debt Collection Software

Webio’s DebtChat elevates the standard webchat experience a step further by adding conversational AI, which moves the interaction from a basic decision-tree style bot to a valuable and engaging two-way conversation that feels authentic.


The AI technology behind DebtChat uses a collections custom language model together with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to train the chatbot to adeptly engage with customers about their debt-related enquiries. This intelligent system promptly answers FAQs and queries, such as account balances, outstanding amounts, payment dates, and more. By handling time-consuming tasks such as ID&V, DebtChat takes the burden off agents and enables them to focus on other essential responsibilities. 

Webio’s vast experience of fine-tuning AI for credit and collections customer conversations forms the foundation of DebtChat. Not only is DebtChat an online webchat app, but it is also packed with the AI and automation features that all the other Webio channels enjoy: intent recognition, entity gathering and propensity guidance. (See: The Three Layers of AI Automation)

To give customers accurate information about their queries, personalised customer engagement is provided with an API connection to data in other systems, such as a CRM or financial application. 

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