What is Conversational Messaging?

Simply put, conversational messaging is the back and forth conversations between a business and its customers that take place over any messaging channel.

We live in a digital world, and customers expect the ease and convenience of messaging their brands, in the same manner, that they do their family and friends. 
Conversational messaging facilitates this asynchronous one-to-one communication with a business via multiple digital channels, typically a contact centre agent that keeps the conversation in one thread. The conversation goes where the customer goes and takes place at the pace the customer dictates.  Unlike live chat which is a dedicated session, where customers wait on hold for an agent to respond, all history is lost if and when the conversation ends. Not a great customer experience.
Webio’s conversational messaging takes it up a notch by adding automated AI chatbots, and blended live agent engagement to optimise conversations and guide them to completion. 

Conversations need to be able to occur on whatever platform customers prefer, whether it’s SMS,  WhatsApp, or another messaging app. Also, the ability to include interactive elements, like taking payments, completing form requests, graphic elements that allow customers to complete transactions without leaving the platform.

One of the fastest ways to get results from messaging is shifting phone calls to messaging

Quickly moving customers to a new channel may seem like a difficult task and one that may take some time, but this is not the case. Transferring customers from voice calls to messaging is a relatively simple exercise. A complement of activities like -  sending out proactive messaging notifications telling customers the best ways to get in touch, adding WhatsApp details to ‘contact us’ webpages, updating voice recording directing customers to webpages or adding messaging apps directly to a website.
Once customers have been informed, in no time bots will start interacting and remote agents will only receive inbound queries that specifically require human intervention.  Agents can then engage in smarter, faster ways using agent tools like templates, smart queues and smart responses. 
Also, customers that need to speak to an agent can, but through the use of automation and bots, the number of voice calls can be dramatically reduced in addition to Time in Queue and Average Handling Times.
Automating with Conversational Messaging
(From webinar: How to Increase Agents' Daily Closed Conversations from 60 to 300+)


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