What is Conversational Chat?

Broadly speaking, conversational chat is when humans interact with chatbots. 

Sometimes, the terms ‘conversational chat’ and ‘conversational AI’ are used interchangeably, but are they the same? How does conversational chat differ from conversational AI, which uses sophisticated AI technology rooted in Natural Language Processing, Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning to have meaningful two-way conversations between humans and chatbots.

On the other hand, conversational chat refers to any communication with a chatbot. These chatbots can be either simple chatbots that have strict pre-defined question-answer flows, but also more advanced AI chatbots that are powered by conversational AI tech. 

How does conversational chat work? 

Conversational chat typically takes place through chatbots in popular messaging apps, social media platforms, or via live webchat on websites. Customers can type out messages, pop in emojis, or even attach documents when chatting.  

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How can businesses use conversational chat? 

Businesses can use conversational chat to connect with their customers, such as providing customer support through chatbots, using it to send reminders, or as a marketing tool to engage with customers and build brand loyalty. Customer engagement with conversational chat can be both inbound and outbound and is a favourite means of communication among customers when they are trying to find customer support as it is quick, easy and always available. 




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