How to Use Chatbots in WhatsApp

Chatbots in WhatsApp stand-out in customer service, FAQs, and providing product help. They can also be used for sending out promotional messages and targeted advertising to your market.

With over 2,2 billion users, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. So, it is no surprise that it is becoming a popular tool for customer service.  

The platform has opened its APIs to allow developers to integrate chatbots, which provides automated customer engagement with conversational AI messaging functionality. 

The first step to integrating chatbots with WhatsApp is to get approved by the WhatsApp Business API. This can be a time-consuming process with many checks-and-balances to pass through. 

Once approved, you will then need to set up your company's WhatsApp Business Account, which involves setting up your business profile and your customer service and account management systems. 

Next, you can begin to integrate your chatbot in WhatsApp. This can be done either directly through the WhatsApp Business API or through third-party platforms. You then configure your chatbot according to your requirements. A more complex conversational AI chatbot will include Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning into its design. 

Your customers can now interact with your AI chatbot through WhatsApp. By automating customer engagement, you improve customer service, reduce response times, and provide a more personalised customer experience.   

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