What Does A Debt Collection Agent Do?

A debt collection agent collects debt on behalf of a company that is owed money. Often, the agent will step in once the company has failed to collect the debt themselves.

debt collection agent

Debt collection agents usually work for a debt collection agency, also called a third-party debt collector, that specialises in debt recovery. 

In the debt collection arena, a first-party debt collector is the original company that is owed money. After trying for several months to recover the debt, they will hand it over to a debt collection agent. Either they will sell the debt to recoup a portion of the money, or they will give the agent a percentage of the amount collected. 

Role of a Debt Collection Agent 

As a debt collection agent, you need to be empathetic and able to communicate well. Usually, the best outcomes come from working together with people who owe money to work out a fair resolution. An agent’s activities include: 

  • Locating a person who is actively avoiding their creditors 
  • Communicating with customers and handling queries 
  • Strategising debt recovery actions 
  • Negotiating settlement agreements 
  • Drawing up payment plans 
  • Executing the payment plans 
  • Liaising with the relevant parties in the creditor company 
  • Administrating and recording the debt recovery process 
  • Initiating the next steps of legal action if required 

Debt Collection Regulations 

For the protection of customers and to make the debt collection process fair, both agents and consumers need to understand their rights and obligations as well as the regulations governing debt collection agencies. 

Debt Collection Software for Agents 

There is advanced  debt collection software available that uses conversational AI messaging via multiple channels to engage with customers. This conversational approach allows debt collection agents to have two-way interactions with customers that are less aggressive, more supportive and more effective at producing results than one-way demand correspondence methods.  With the right conversational messaging software, an agent can go from closing 60 conversations a day to over 300, which is a huge win for collection agent efficiency.

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