What is Contact Centre Automation?

Contact centre automation uses technology to handle customer engagement, and increasingly, this technology is AI-powered conversational messaging via AI agents (AI chatbots).

When deploying contact centre software based on AI agents, human agent interaction is needed less and a person is only brought into deal with complex issues, while the AI automation deals with routine, time-consuming activities.

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Conversational AI is a game-changer in contact centres. This technology is made up of:

  • AI chatbots using Natural Language Understanging and Machine Learning
  • Digital assistants
  • Entiites gathering, e.g. picking out dates, date-of-birth, amounts, etc. from a conversation
  • Intent recognition and sentiment analysis to understand what a person is really saying
  • Propensity and vulnerability recognition to guide a conversation down the best route

Mulitchannel messaging allows users to be contacted on the digital messaging channel of their choice.

Self-service portals put the control in the hands of your customers to manage their accounts. These are quick and easy to use and are always available, 24/7. Often, self-service includes payments fom within the portal.

API integration to customer and third party data for accurate insights and a more personalised customer experience.

Efficiency and cost reduction are two of the immediate benefits of contact centre automation, especially in reducing the amount of time it takes to complete customer service tasks.

With contact centre automation, you get satisfied customers and happy contact centre agents.

Automation has revolutionized contact centres, providing customers with an improved level of service and an enhanced support experience.

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