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Debt Collection Strategy

Optimising customer engagement, maximising resources and driving collections efficiencies

Dbebt Collection Software

Drivers for Debt Collection Success


Digital Channels are the Foundation

As channels are constantly changing and evolving having the capability to reach out and engage in their channels is a must


Automation Drives Operational Success

Do more with the same resources. Streamline the debt collection process to remove friction, reduce costs and transform customer engagement


AI Customer Driven Engagement

Putting AI at the frontline of every interaction streamlines engagement, better equips agents and enhances the overall customer experience

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Make It Easier to Engage with Customers

Customers have made a monumental shift to digital. To enhance debt collection software performance, it is critical to expand the channel offering and engage with customers in the channel of their choosing.

Catering to customers' communication preferences, gives lenders the ability to reach customers more efficiently and with less effort.

In addition, customers gain a sense of empowerment when they can choose the contact channel, their own delinquency solutions, and the timing and pace of repayment. Make Every Payment Option Easy.

It’s a win-win for all.

This is how Oplo achieved digital engagement success
Make It Easier to Engage with Customers

Design Personalised Journeys for Each Customer Type

Use AI to predict the financial and personal well-being of every customer at each stage of their conversation and guide each customer on a personalised journey delivering the right message and level of agent resource at the right time.

Vulnerable customers are identified and routed to skilled agents. Customers more likely to pay can have conversations earlier or, customers that are becoming dissatisfied interventions are made to improve customer experience.

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Inbound Customer Engagement Getting the Balance Right

Inbound Customer Engagement Getting the Balance Right

Lenders have a duty of care to help customers and maximising inbound collections will help manage customers in a more compassionate way.

At the heart of this is making better use of chatbots and automation to answer more basic inbound questions.

Automation leads the way by handling high-volume, low-value conversations quickly and efficiently. For those conversations that require the skill and expertise of a live agent, seamlessly bring agents into live conversations with complete history and use smart agent tools for better engagement.

Embrace Digital Engagement and Self-Service

Give customers the ability to manage their debt conversations and repayments on their terms.

More and more customers choose to use self-service for 24/7 availability, convenience and a sense of control over their finances.

They want to find the answers easily, arrange a payment plan in seconds, or make a quick payment at any time of the day.

This type of engement enhances the customer experience and breaks down the negative perception of debt collection.

Instead of constantly ignoring phone calls customers prefer digital engagement that gently nudges them when a payment is due and offers easy ways to engage and make payments.

Embrace Digital Engagement and Self-Service


Customer Connections

The new conversation rules for Credit, Collections and Payments


Don't Let Your Data Sit on the Sidelines

Improve customer conversations by connecting your systems via APIs to bring crucial assets into every customer conversation to drive positive conversation outcomes and deliver amazing customer experiences

Don't Let Your Data Sit on the Sidelines

Unsure about using technology? Don't worry, we'll guide you every step of the way

Just started or never used messaging automation, blended AI-chatbots with Live agents, or Neural Language Understanding?

Don't worry, we work hand-in-hand with all our customers to ensure that every customer engagement campaign delivers success.

Let AI Guide Conversations and Get Results

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Experience the wonder of Conversational AI for Customer Engagement

If you need to improve your customer engagement, talk to us and we'll show you how AI and automation via digital messaging channels work.

You will love the Webio experience.

We promise.



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Uplift in Payment Arrangements
Increase in Agent Productivity
Decrease in Operational Costs
Increase in Customer Engagement


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