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Conversational Messaging Outperforming the Dialler in Debt Collections

Conversational Messaging Outperforming the Dialler in Debt Collections

The dialler has long been the stalwart of the contact centre industry. From auto, power to predictive diallers they have been supporting contact managers in optimising agent performance since 1942 when the first semi-automatic dialler was offered on the commercial market. 
Trawling through large amounts of data, dialling thousands of numbers, filtering out unproductive calls like voicemail and no answers, all with the goal to make the daily working life of agents more productive through connecting agents to customers. But that is where the dialler input ends – with the connection. 
And for years diallers have been successful in removing some of the friction from the customer contact processes. But now there is a new kid on the block that is proving to be a worthy opponent - messaging.  Not just any messagingconversational messaging. The one-to-one test-based conversations that take place in any messaging channel between customers and businesseswith a little bit of AI and automation thrown in.  
Conversational messaging is proving to be a powerful opportunity to engage with customers in a more productive manner in contact centres across the world – from customer service, support and sales. But for today’s discussion, the focus is going to be on the area of debt collections.   An area which has been somewhat slower or more cautious than most industries to embrace messaging and still reliant on traditional contact methods.  But that tide is turningor should I say has turned.  The realisation is that messaging is, and if not, one of the most effective ways to have those really difficult conversations with customers.  If you need to be convinced, let’s look at some real live metrics. 
The title of this post refers to messaging outperforming the dialler, so let’s start with that.  
Snap Finance one of the UK’s fastest growing consumer credit companies has introduced conversational messaging to their contact strategy.  And as the title says, messaging response rates outperformed the dialler three-fold.  So successful was automation in connecting agents with customers, Snap Finance has hard wired messaging into their daily outbound campaigns to deploy before any dialler campaigns.   
With a 60% increase in responses rates for the completion of ‘Income & Expenditure’ forms and a 30% reduction in field agent site visits.  These results have had a significant impact on agent productivity and costs.  
Did customers approve of this new way of contacting them?  The answer is a resounding yes. Conversational messaging is going to outperform the dialler every-time.  Because fundamentally they do two very different jobs; one is to connect an agent with a customer to have a conversation that customers don’t want have. They don't want to talk to agents about their outstanding payments. 
The other starts a conversation that can have many stages, in a channel that gives the customer a little more comfort and control, and agents the ability to manage more conversations at one time. 
It is a winner everytime.   

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