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Conversational Forms and Why Your Contact Centre Should Use Them

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Collecting data from customers isn’t easy. Being directed to a company website to fill out a customer survey or  a credit application form and spending half the day on a call with a contact centre agent answering questions and waiting for responses to be input, is mind-numbing tedious. In this world of instant gratification, surely there is a better way to collect data from customers?

The simple answer is yes there is.  I am sure we are all aware of the hype that is surrounding customer engagement and how conversational AI is playing a major role in enhancing customer experience. As a result of the rapid adoption of conversational AI in business and the use of AI and chatbots, customer experience in not only being enhanced, but the business is becoming more effective and efficient in collecting customer data and that is where Conversational Forms come in.

So here are a few reasons why businesses should upgrade their old static forms and consider ‘going conversational’:

  • Higher completion rates
    It just makes sense that giving customers a more personalised engaging experience is going to result in customers progressing to the end of the form and submitting it.  Customising forms with branding, images , videos and engaging content is a winner. Every time.
  • Reduce Agent processing times
    For businesses with contact centres, the benefits of conversational forms cannot be overstated. In financial services for example, customers need to provide data, and, in many cases,  this is done with an agent on a call.  With conversational forms agent processing times are dramatically reduced from on average 25 to 5 minutes . Customers can enter their information at their leisure and the agent only gets involved when alerted that the customer has completed the form.

  • Deploy Conversational forms as part of any conversation
    Conversational forms can be deployed within messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and even SMS.  Webio's conversational middleware facilitates customers completing a conversational form on a website and seamlessly shifting into a messaging conversation with a chatbot or agent without losing any information or context. 

  • Moving the conversation forward
    Getting customers to complete the form should not be the only end goal, but rather to continue the conversation until the desired business outcome has been achieved. Whether that is signing up a new customer, renewing an insurance policy or having a discussion with a disgruntled customer and solving the problem.  So how can this be done?  With automation and AI chatbots.  Webio AI Bots dynamically continue and move each individual customer conversation forward and closer to a business outcome and closing the loop. Whatever the next step in the process is Webio led bots can seamlessly manage it.

  • A more enjoyable experience for your customers.
    Conversational forms offer a better experience. The interface is more friendly which customers are more comfortable with and makes the completion of the form more like a social interaction by making forms engaging and personalised.

  • Conversational is now the norm
    With the explosion of conversational messaging with the likes of WhatsApp and Messenger, having more personal conversations is the norm regardless of whether they are with friends of a business. So, the bar has set and once customers have engaged in a truly conversational experience with their brands they will never want to go back.

Customer feedback and capturing customer data is vital. Conversational forms offer an innovative and exciting way to collect data that provides customer with a more enjoyable, personalised and memorable experiences. The addition of AI and chatbots into the mix will invigorate current contact process and allow the business to become more flexible, efficient and effective in guiding customer conversations to the next step.  Because let's face it, forms are a type of conversation.

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