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Cormac O'Neill | Chief Tempo Officer

The most precious resource we have is time. Once it's gone, we are not getting it back. As a parent, I would rather spend 30 minutes playing Snakes & Ladders with my kids, rather than be on a lengthy and endless call loop trying to explain to someone why I cannot make a payment this month. This is something I have had to do more than once. It not only takes our time, but it can make us even more frustrated, annoyed, and anxious.

Today we are launching Propensity Studio™ to help companies solve this problem around having difficult conversations about money. By understanding customer intentions in real-time, we help brands understand what is happening in a conversation, and direct customers to the best possible outcome in the fastest conceivable way. By quickly understanding that a customer wants to reschedule payments on a loan we help them choose, agree, and commit to that in a way that is just easier to understand, that feels more natural and happens faster.

Conversational AI is the technology that helps us understand what is happening in a conversation such as the one I have just described. Webio Propensity Studio goes one step further by using Neural Nets and Deep learning to assess how a particular conversation outcome is likely to be achieved. Propensity to be successful if you will. Based on what is being said in a conversation will that customer keep their promise to pay? Propensity to Pay. Will they be satisfied with the way this conversation was handled, or are they displaying signs of vulnerability? Propensity to be satisfied and propensity to be vulnerable, respectively.

These Propensity measures are generated by your organisational data and trained against your own version of our Propensity Engine. This gives you unparalleled control over how your Conversational AI and Propensities work in a fully tradable, and auditable way. They can then be connected to powerful workflows to assists decision making and self-service automation. At the end of the day, Conversational AI and Propensities can convert what is all too often a frustrating engagement into an incredibly positive brand experience.

At Webio, we know that conversations about money are difficult not just for the person in debt but also for the agents whose role it is to represent their brand. Difficult and all as these conversations may be, they are necessary and starting the conversation is the first step on the journey toward resolving financial challenges. With Webio's Propensity Studio we want to help brands and their customers arrive at the end of this journey in the shortest possible time and help agents understand how best to address and respond to your customers.

Now let's see if it can help me find more of the ladders as my kids are beating me badly.

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