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Webio's $4m Funding Announcement Letter to Customers

Cormac O'Neill | CEO

I’m very excited to be able to share with you the great news that Webio has raised $4 million in funding from Finch Capital.

We’re on a mission to reimage the way credit conversations take place by making those difficult customer conversations about payments that little bit easier. Thanks to this investment we are now set to take the next step on our journey. 

Bringing digital debt collection alive for our customers with digital assistants, automation, NLU, machine learning and blended engagement means that there is now a simple ‘low code-no code' way to create a whole new set of digital experiences that help customers feel more confident in having difficult payment conversations and ultimately, stop them from falling into unnecessary and significant financial difficulty. 

We are excited that Webio’s conversational AI is enabling companies to engage with customers in a more empathetic manner, at scale. 

What does this investment announcement mean for all our customers?

This is where all the good stuff started to happen. This influx of investment means that we have the ability to take what we have done to date and scale-up. 

In the next 6-12 months you will see a faster pace in product feature releases, growth in our customer success teams to serve you better and faster, and more talented people to build out the Webio conversational AI platform.

Product DevelopmentWhile we have received a lot of praise for the ease of use of the platform. We have also listened to our customers and with these new resources, we are hiring additional skilled developers to deepen our capabilities in conversational AI, speed up our product development delivery cycles, bring faster feature production, better client experiences and usability, and more digital offerings. Watch this space for some exciting product announcements in the months ahead. 

Doubling the Team
This funding enables us also to grow our operations to a new level. We have such a wide international family already in place, we aim to hire multi-talented people with diverse backgrounds immediately and we will double our team size in the next 6-12 months. 

Investing in Customer Success 
Hand on heart, our customer success and support team are second to none. Our goal now is to scale up our customer support to meet the demand of our growing customer base. To make our team even more responsive and valuable by helping each and every customer get the very best out of the Webio platform to achieve their operational and customer engagement goals. 

Webio Team   

More Innovation 
We will continue to invest in innovation. As digital conversations continue to permeate the collections industry, we are committed to leading the way in conversational AI technology to meet the changing needs of clients and our industry. 

Big thank you!

This marks a key milestone for our company, one that could not have been reached without the support and partnerships we have forged with our wonderful customers. You have been an integral part of the Webio story. 

For this, I want to “thank you”. Thank you for your patience, your feedback, and your commitment. Please, continue to send us feedback, we want to hear it. It has had and will continue to have a really important role as we develop our platform more.
And for those who may only know a little about us, or want to learn more, we hope you come and join us all on this journey. There are exciting times ahead.

Cormac O'Neill
CEO, Co-founder

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