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Keep Customer Conversations Going with Webio Reengage

Feature Focus

Campaign management is more powerful when we add more automation.  Webio Reengage is a recently added set of capabilities that give you a "wait until" automation step that is making an everyday difference to our clients today. 

Not all conversations are responded to on a first send.  As much as we would like it to be the case, customers for whatever reason, may not respond in a timeframe that you may have outlined for a campaign.  

The challenge is to keep the conversation open and progressing so that it can be concluded favourably.  When managing thousands of conversations, identifying the customers who have gone quiet and building a campaign, or series of campaigns to reach back out to them, can be a cumbersome exercise. This is where Reengage steps in. 

Automate follow up messages 

With Reengage you just automate your follow-up message strategy. If a response isn't received in the timeframe you have set, simply add a wait until condition to the follow-up messages and they are sent at that future time in order to reengage that customer. As ever with Webio, each of them gets a personalised context-appropriate message, that brings them right back into the conversation. There are many contexts where you might wish to set a timer like this in a conversation.  

For instance, you can improve conversation management by automating tasks such as setting different statuses or moving conversations to different queues. Wait Until can be used on any Listening or Intent Gathering step within any bot.  If a response isn't received to these steps within the time you set, then the bot will progress down the alternative configured route.  Steps can be as simple or as complex as required.   

Reengage wait until condition really packs a powerful punch for such a small addition! It is playing a vital part in streamlining many of our client's customer conversations ensuring that they are managed efficiently and effectively. Customers also appreciate a more thought-out engagement experience in that the follow up can be made more of a nudge and a reminder, it can even be considerate. It's all in how you design your experience.  It is a win-win for all. 

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