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Deloitte Survey Reveals What's Driving Transformation of Contact Centres

Deloitte Digital has released its "2023 Global Contact Centre Survey," which outlines significant trends impacting contact centre operations.

Over the past two years, advancements in AI and predictive analytics are changing the face of automation and customer service.

The Deloitte report emphasises the challenges posed by a slowing global economy and a competitive talent market, which are reshaping customer service strategies.

Key points from the survey:

Remote Work and Talent

  • 63% of contact centre leaders face staffing shortages, prompting creative hiring and retention efforts.
  • 69% of organisations have work-from-home programs, with 73% planning to implement such programs within two years.
  • 86% expect to raise starting wages in the next two years to attract remote employees.
  • 58% of service organisations outsource agent capacity, expected to grow to 64% in two years.

Technology and Operations

  • 50% of companies prioritise modernising infrastructure despite economic uncertainty.
  • 66% expect to use external partners for conversational AI and CRM management.
  • 74% are testing or deploying customer-facing chatbots.
  • Usage of voice/text analytics has increased from 62% to 81% in three years.

Enhancing Customer Experience

  • 69% plan to expand service channels in the coming two years.
  • Only 7% of centres seamlessly transition customers between channels with data continuity.
  • 90% will invest in self-service capabilities, aiming to drive customers to conversational IVRs, virtual agents, and chatbots.

The report underscores that adapting to changing circumstances and embracing technology like AI and self-service options enables contact centres to deliver exceptional customer experiences, gaining a competitive edge.

The survey engaged contact centre executives globally, covering various industries and types of centres.

Read the full news release and access the report here: "Deloitte Digital's '2023 Global Contact centre Survey' Reveals New Realities Driving Transformation of Contact centre Operations"

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