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Are Forms a Type of Conversation?

Paul Sweeney

We ask customers to fill out forms so that we can gather the information we need to serve them better. It might be a short form in a product returns process or a long service enquiry form where we have extensive personal information gathering requirements. Our lives are full of forms. Our online customer experience is full of forms. They are a key input into enterprise conversations but often they simply don’t work, they are static, and customers don’t fill them out. Now forms themselves have become conversational.

Conversational forms enable companies to ask questions though a conversational user interface. They are friendly, easy to use, and more powerful than traditional forms. They are a great way of getting the customer to engage, to complete the form, and to elicit information. Through the new Webio native integration with Typeform™ you can now treat your customer interaction from the webform to a messaging app as one seamless conversation. Customer service agents  can see all the customers interactions as one conversation. If the agent or customer wants to continue this conversation over SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger of any messaging app, they can.

It is easy to imagine a customer enquiring about utility offers from the company’s website and then for an agent stepping in and following up on questions raised. The agent can then hand the customer over to a payment service such as Stripe to complete the payment. From Webio’s point of view, this is one conversation.

Webio’s Conversational Middleware™ approach treats all customer interactions as being part of the one conversation. Being able to bring the appropriate data into the customer conversation from native integrations with Typeform, Google Dialogflow and other platforms is a capability that enables you to have more personalised and powerful conversations with your customers.    

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