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How AI and Chatbots Are Collecting More Customer Payments

How AI and Chatbots Are Collecting More Customer Payments | Webinar May 10th

How AI & Chatbots Are Collecting More Customer Payments

When:  Thursday May 10th  |  Duration: 60mins  |  Sign Up Here 

Engaging with customers, assessing vulnerability and getting payments is a constant challenge. With the pace of change around customer communications and rise of messaging as the preferred contact channel, the focus has now shifted from hammering customers with phone calls to conversing in a fair, timely manner that results in payment.

There has been lot of hype and talk around AI and Chatbots being adopted by all businesses, understand the essentials and how it can help you in maximising your customer engagement and increase collections whilst reducing operational costs.

In this 60-minute webinar, we will focus on why and how the collections industry is starting to follow in the footsteps of Retail and Financial Services by moving into the world of conversational messaging.

Hear More About How To :

  • Improve engagement in new and existing channels (SMS, Messenger etc.)
  • Introduce AI and Chatbots to manage lower-value conversations
  • Apply 'Propensity to Pay' intelligence to improve payment outcomes
  • Take and easily process payments via messaging


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