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Don’t Let Inappropriate Agent Conversations Kill Your Brand

“**** You Mr Customer”, Don’t Let Inappropriate Agent Conversations Kill Your Brand

Mark Oppermann

More and more businesses want their agents to engage with their customers in a natural conversational manner with high levels of personalisation, but that's the challenge lots of contact centres are struggling with.  Personalisation is Good! Inappropriate and rude language is a complete NO NO!

At Webio have added a new 'Profanity Filter' to our Conversational Interface Platform that allows the good conversations to flow whilst taking immediate action to stop the bad ones ever reaching a customer.

Agents Going Off Script - No More Compliance Issues

In simple terms, all conversations managed on the Webio platform are being scanned for inappropriate use of language during the course of a customer conversation. The infraction may come from your customer or worse still one of your agents.  Being aware of the nature of the interactions between agents and customers during a conversation and understanding how well agents are adhering to compliance guidelines is crucial to providing good customer experiences and protecting the brand.

Now any inappropriate agent message would be immediately flagged, stopped and routed to a direct supervisor, alerting them in real-time of a conversation that requires intervention. The Webio platform allows contact centre managers to have full visibility and traceability of agents messaging interactions and to intervene and stop the message from being sent, before anyone even knows there has been a breach in compliance.

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